Five ways how a Film City in Udaipur can boost the city’s growth Prospects

Five ways how a Film City in Udaipur can boost the city’s growth Prospects

Do you know the Film City in Udaipur can boost city’s growth prospects? Also, do you want to know how the project can change the fortune of people here  while boosting their socio-economic standards? We bring in five facts on how the new project can usher in growth and job opportunities for the people of the city. Here are a few pointers:

1.The Film City can bring in a Live Film Studio here where thousands of Bollywood and Tollywood movies can be shot. These film sets will require many hands of people for diverse needs which will generate additional employment for the locals here.

2.  Udaipur Film City can also have a wedding destination where all your wedding dreams come true. It can create a beautiful studio complex where couples and their families can celebrate the memorable occasion in all its grandeur.

3. You will have the chance to dine, wine and shine in style as more restaurants shall be coming in here with the hosting of lavish weddings and film shoots. The exotic food fiesta will bring in new customised menus, exquisite cuisine, signature dishes and much more thereby boosting hospitality prospects here.

4. The Film City project can emerge as one of the best tourist places in Udaipur and can be a favourite destination for a wonderful outing and family vacation. A day’s tour to the land of million dreams can bring in a rich experience for kids, youth, family and friends and there can be a wide-ranging fun, entertainment and excitement  options here which will again trigger economical prospects here.

5. The city can emerge as a tourist capital city in state and country with tourists from all across the globe thronging here boosting the foreign exchange earnings for the state.

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