Now, Dominos and McDonald’s Kind Food Outlets for the Poor in Udaipur

Now, Dominos and McDonald’s Kind Food Outlets for the Poor in Udaipur

Have you ever have thought of bringing in food outlets across the country on the lines of Dominoes and McDonald’s in any city under which only the poor and needy people will be given employment? It might sound like a far-fetched dream. Isn’t it?

However, a man with his vision and mission to serve the poor had this idea and he was all out to implement it into a reality in Udaipur.

Now, you must be keen who is this gentle soul who is striving all odds to turn this project into a success. He is none other than Mukesh Madhwani, chairperson, Being Manav, an offshoot of M Square Productions who is making thorough planning to generate jobs for the poor in the Lake City with this social project.

His noble gesture is inviting the attention and attraction of loads of people who are in awe of his philanthropic attempts.

As he make ground preparations to create subtle employment opportunities for needy people, he is also ensuring that they should be trained to ensure they perform their job religiously with expertise.

Eventually, their training is also being arranged in the long run.

The generous soul has also decided to spend 100 percent of the revenue generated through food outlets for social work. Along with this, his organization shall also be running food vans, which will visit various intersections of Udaipur city to distribute free food to the poor.

Sharing his dream with the vision of chief minister, he too aspires for the goal that no one sleeps empty stomach, and hence to attain his dream, he himself is having sleepless nights.

Now let us introduce you to the ‘Being Manav’. It is a non-profit organization serving for the betterment of society while striving to bring equality in society with a vision to fulfil the fundamental necessities to the last and needy unit of society. 

We are in 21st century, but still there is a large part of the society that does not have access to even the primary necessities like clothes, shoes, raincoats, blankets etc. Due to the inadequacy of this, they suffer from many illnesses and seldom it swivel into serious issues.

Eventually, this organisation aspires to bring out the best for those spending their lives without basic amenities. If you are keen to help such people, help Being Manav who is all out to change the fortunes of poor and needy in Udaipur.

Hope you are listening…

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